A moment to relax

Stop the headaches due to stress!

June 2019

Headaches can arise quickly and last for a long time…

Their origin is often due to stress and a tension that settles between the shoulders and the neck.

To relieve yourself, make some movements of circles with your shoulders.

Concretely, what do we do?

Sitting straight or standing, we start by completely relaxing our arms. Then we start to roll our shoulders as follows:

  • We raise the shoulders as high as possible.
  • We roll the shoulders back.
  • We lower our shoulders as low as we can.
  • We move our shoulders to the maximum.

We make the widest possible movements and we add a deep breath, at the rate of rotations.

After 5 rotations, we will make 5 others in the opposite direction.

Once these rotations are made, lower your head towards your chest and very slowly make a few head movements, from left to right and from right to left, so your head never be backwards.

The chin should always be down and do not force your movements, they must bring relaxation and appeasement!

And do not forget! Breathe deeply!

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