A moment to relax

Welcome the sun

June 2019

In this early summer, we offer a small morning ritual to worship the sun, to relax and start the day serenely.

This ritual, inspired by the sun salutation (a series of yoga postures), will allow to focus positively on the necessary energy for the good progress of our day.

My hands are joined in prayer form in front of my chest, my fingers touch and I place all my good intention and my light in my hands. I inhale and I exhale deeply.

I inhale and I raise my hands vertically above my head, I block my breath a few seconds. I exhale deeply, pulling my V-arms away from each side of my head and tilting my head slightly back. I welcome natural light on my face and body.

I recite a mantra to welcome the sun (see examples below, but I can also create my own mantra according to my needs).

I inhale, and slowly I breathe down my arms down my body.

I lift my head gently and relax my neck, shoulders, arms and the rest of my body.

I practice this mantra 1 to 3 times each morning if possible.

Examples of mantras of welcome to the sun:

  • I welcome you Sunshine source of life.
  • Thank you Sun that brings me light.
  • Sun give me your strength.
  • I am a ray of the Sun.
  • Sun, I advance in your light.
  • Etc.

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