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Aloe vera, watermelon and yellow kiwis salad

June 2019

How to consume aloe vera?

This plant with multiple virtues is consumed, but in the right way!

To prepare this fresh salad of aloe vera, watermelon and yellow kiwis, begin with the preparation of aloe vera.

To consume this plant, it must be bought in a shop that sells organic fresh produce or a delicatessen in the fruit and vegetables section, not at a florist’s!

Also, only one part of this plant is edible, the gel part.

Steps :

  1. Cut a piece of aloe vera leaf, then remove the green outer part of the leaf.
  2. Also remove the latex part (toxic yellow liquid) which is between the green part and the gel part.
  3. Take the piece of gel (pulp from the heart of the leaf) and rinse it with water.
  4. Cut it into small or large pieces, depending on your preference.
  5. Cut the watermelon and yellow kiwis in the size of your choice.

You can then make a nice presentation for this fresh salad and full of originality!

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